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Student Travel Fellowship Campaign

Student Travel Fellowship Campaign

YOU can make a difference in the future of computational biology and bioinformatics by supporting tomorrow’s researchers.

Student travel fellowships help propel young investigators toward important future discoveries. Join ISCB in giving students access to the principal role models within the field and help us influence the paths of scientific careers.

As federal funding opportunities continue to decline, ISCB reaches out to YOU to help this important initiative. Each year ISCB receives over 300 travel fellowship requests. With currently available funds, we can only support approximately 70% of these requests by providing partial funding to each recipient. Making a donation to the travel fellowship fund will enable us to support even more students with higher travel awards

We continue to do all we can but there is still more to do—your contributions at any level will allow us to reach more students. By donating to ISCB student travel fellowships, you are investing in the future of our science.